Dominica signs agreement for development and construction of the international airport

by: - June 10, 2021
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From back (L); Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, Mrs. Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, Minister for Tourism, Denise Charles, and Senior Minister, Reginald Austrie (R) Front; (L) Missi Henderson, (R) Dr. Anthony Haiden

Dominica has taken a bold step towards the realization of the most talked-about international airport.

This follows the historic landmark event, the signing of the agreement for the development and construction of the international airport with Montreal Management Consultant (MMCE) on Wednesday at the Windsor Park Stadium.

The development of an international airport for Dominica has been a hot topic among many governments over several years—an ancient dream of the Dominican people.

It will be financed by the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) with the construction project to be executed in five (5) phases valued at just over $1 billion Eastern Caribbean dollars and expected to be completed within five years.

Chief Executive Officer of MMCE, Dr. Anthony Haiden

Chief Executive Officer of MMCE, Dr. Anthony Haiden told a large gathering at the ceremony, that the most sophisticated methods developed in the construction industry will be applied during the development of the airport which will result in being the best in the region.

“Its success, completion, and subsequent operation will have a transcending effect on the country and will literally reshape the future of Dominica,” Haiden said.

Parliamentary Representative for Roseau Central, Mrs. Melissa Poponne-Skerrit says that upon completion of the international airport, Dominica will open up a new chapter in the economic life of the nation. “This indeed will be a most significantly transformative endeavor. Our seatbelts are fastened and we are ready for take-off.”

Minister for Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture, and National Food Security, and Parliamentary Representative for the Wesley Constituency, Fidel Grant described the signing ceremony as second to the day Dominica gained independence in 1978. “Today, the 9th day of June 2021, will be forever remembered as a day when we signed the agreement for the construction of an international airport.”

Minister for Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture, and National Food Security, and Parliamentary Representative for the Wesley Constituency, Fidel Grant

Grant says the international airport is a major need on the island. “We need this airport to achieve the economic diversification which we have been speaking about for many decades. We need the international airport if we are to position ourselves with the rest of the region and the world by extension.”

He says upon completion of the airport, the thirst for travel and new experience will be greater than ever as well as make it much easier for persons to access Dominica for business and pleasure.

The international airport will also be of benefit to all Dominicans especially those involved in farming and fishing. “I can already picture Dominica where it is normal for a farmer to go to his farm at 4 AM to harvest tomatoes, sweetsop, lettuce, and export to the U.S and other countries around the world arriving the same day, fresh, and in perfect condition,” he said.

The Minister for Blue and Green Economy further called on Dominicans to position themselves to make the best of the countless opportunities which will flow from the international airport.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit during the agreement signing on Wednesday

During his address, the country’s Prime Minister said the day of the signing of the agreement “will be remembered in our history as the day Dominica took that bold step towards realizing a remarkable transformation of our country for our citizens and for the generations to come after us”.

“It is said that nothing happens before its time. Well now is Dominica’s time,” Prime Minister Skerrit

He said the evidence of the international airport’s substance is about to take shape in Dominica. “After today, the airport will begin to rise out of the ground, then from the ground to the air. And I give you this solemn assurance that planes will land here direct from Europe and the United States of America in 2025.”

He further described the signing of agreements as a historic moment that will redefine the future of Dominica and its people.

“Today we take one step closer to fully claiming the new prosperity which will be ours. Today we create new opportunities for this country and its citizens. Today, we help to secure the future of our children…we walk forward into the future—a future, that for generations we have talked about, for generations we have dreamed about and for which this generation and for which this Labour Party Government is now building for our people.”

“Dominica will have a modern international airport equipped with air bridges and fully outfitted to receive international passengers and cargo,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit mentioned.