Court dismisses United Workers Party election petition

by: - May 25, 2021
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The court has dismissed an election petition filed by the United Workers Party.

The appeals were dismissed as there was no right of appeals given to the petitioners, according to Senior Council, Anthony Astaphan.

Recently, High court Judge, Raulston Glasgow, struck out all ten election petitions and awarded a cost of $5,000.00 to be paid to the respondents.

The UWP claims that the Dominica Labour Party won the 2019 general election through fraud, treating, bribery and manipulation.

They then filed 10 election petitions to be heard in court.

The UWP filed the election petitions to have the court overturn the results in 10 constituencies, namely; St. Joseph, Mahaut, Morne Jaune, La Plaine, Castle Bruce, Salybia, Roseau Valley, Roseau Central, Roseau South, and Wesley.

However, today, Senior Council Anthony Astaphan has informed that the matter was unanimously ruled out.

“As you will recall, the United Workers Party and their agents and some candidates filed 10 election petitions alleging among other things, this bribery, treating, the usual political jargon. In a detailed comprehensive judgment, Justice Glasgow struck out each and every one of the allegations that were filed.”

“The petition has then sought to appeal. We applied to strike out the appeals because Justice Glassgow’s judgment was not a final judgment and you may only appeal a final judgment in the election jurisdiction of the court matter, and not only the court today ruled unanimously that the appeals must be dismissed because there was no right of appeal given to the petitioners having had their matter struck out for not disclosing any cause of action for abuses of the process of the court. But interestingly enough the court ordered that the Petitioners must pay every single respondent excluding Hilroy Shillingford and Wayne James and the other member of the commission because they’re not entitled to cost because they didn’t participate and they didn’t appear in the matter,” Astaphan stated.

He continued saying, “But those of us who appeared, those of the respondents who appeared, including all the elected members, the commissioner of police, the Prime Minister and others who’ve joined in this matter and DBS are now fully entitled to recover their cost from the petitioners; which is an extremely good sign that the court did not believe that there was any reasonable action in either bringing of the petition or in bringing the appeals to challenge the judgment.”