Ministry of Public Works implementing several projects throughout the island

by: - May 10, 2021
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Minister of Public Works Cassani Laville

As the Government of Dominica continues to build a more robust and resilient Dominica, the Ministry of Public Works is currently implementing several projects throughout the island.

These major implementations are valued at $7.5 million and currently provides employment for over 120 people. It does not include the East Coast Road Project which comes at a cost of $126 million implemented under the Ministry of Environment.

Minister for Public Works, Cassani Laville has stated that the construction of a 12-meter box culvert in Grandbay is near completion. The Minister said that “the scope of this project includes 48 meters of wind walls, 200 meters of rigid pavement, 40 meters of slipper drains and river dredging upstream and downstream.”

Mr. Laville continued on by speaking of the three major road edge failures along Warner Highway.

“This project will greatly enhance and foster the redundancy in the island’s road network,” he said. “The road network in the community of Belles is receiving some attention also and upgrades.” He then spoke of the “substantial” improvement of two bridges in the Belles community via the Ministry of Public Works. There is also the construction of a wall and culvert crossing in the village.

“In the East of the island, the old Good Hope road is currently being rehabilitated,” said Mr. Laville as he stated how the Good Hope Road serves the communities of Good Hope and Sansover.

“This road was compromised by a landslide event over 30 years ago and it’s imperative to reinstate this section of road to allow for any possible future development or expansion along the existing road section that now serves these communities.”

The Minister also pointed out the Cabanis Wall in the Roseau Valley. “The project is important not only for the residents of the Roseau Valley,” he said but to also “accommodate the Tourism Sector.”

In close proximity to that project is the Copthall/Wotten Waven Road Project. In regards to this project, Mr. Laville stated that “the project is nearing completion and will see the rehabilitation of nearly 600 meters of road and drainage from the Morne Prosper junction through Copthall.