Contract signed for Dublanc Bridge extension project

by: - April 20, 2021
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The Government of Dominica has signed a contract worth over $1-million dollars for the Dublanc bridge extension project.

The contract was signed at a small ceremony held in Dublanc on Monday.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Prime Minister and Mister of Finance, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit stated that the initiative is further proof of the government’s commitment to the construction of a robust network and bridges and that the new bridge will facilitate the flow of traffic.

“One could have said well we should use this one-point something million dollars into housing and simply put a footpath across the river so we can get to the school and we can get to the playing field because we have access to the village, to the other side and we have access to this side of the village. But we understand and appreciate how important it is for vehicular traffic between these two parts of this wonderful village,” Skerrit said.

The Prime Minister noted that the government has delivered on the community’s needs, as this bridge was highlighted by residents as a priority project for the area. “Based on what you have said to us through your parliamentary representative, you have declared this bridge to be priority number one in this village. And so, the government now is delivering to you that which you have told the government is the priority number one in that village of Dublanc. And so, we’re happy to be here to celebrate this with you.”