Statement by National Security Minister on work permit issuance

by: - April 6, 2021
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Minister for National Security

The Ministry of National Security and Home Affairs is confident that new systems put in place to ensure the sanctity of the process of work permit issuance is working well.

While the police are currently investigating alleged fraud related to work permits, preliminary investigations suggest the suspected fraud does not in any way include legitimate documents processed by the Ministry of National Security and Home Affairs.

The Minister of National Security, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore, in 2020, took the decision to suspend the old processes to put in place a new system with new guidelines to ensure improvement in the delivery of services.

The systems and processes at the ministry and specifically the division of labour and immigration remain full proof and exceptionally reliable.

While the government and people of Dominica welcome everyone to our shores, it is incumbent on every visitor to respect the local laws.

The ministry further encourages employers to adhere to the provisions of the immigration and passport act which requires every person not being a citizen of Dominica, wishing to be engaged in productive activity on the island, to obtain a work permit from the minister of labour.

Therefore, be advised that anyone caught attempting to engage in any irregularities will be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

Further, the immigration and passport amendment act no 19 of 2003 section 8 (1) states:

“any person found guilty of an offence under this act for which specific penalty is provided in any section is liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thousand dollars (ec$10,000) or to imprisonment for one year or both such fine and imprisonment.”

I will take the opportunity to repeat the requirements when applying for work permits which are:

  • All non-nationals above the age of 18 years must complete a work permit application form.
  • All applications must supply the following particulars along with the completed form:
  • A medical certificate that the applicant is in good health and has not in the past three years suffered from any communicable disease (form attached).
  • Letter from employer (sponsor) stating the following: type of employment, wages to be paid (daily, weekly, and monthly) and anticipated duration of employment. (job offer should be for at least one year in the first instance).
  • A statement from the police department (police record) of the applicant’s home state or last place of residence for the past 12 months, setting out the applicant’s criminal antecedent if any.
  • Proof that the applicant has a return ticket to his normal place of residence or has made a deposit to cover the cost of such ticket.
  • Two (2) passport-size photographs.
  • Application fee: $800.00 (non-caricom members) or $250.00 (caricom members) (to be paid to the government treasury department)
  • Photocopy of treasury receipt as proof of payment of application fee.
  • Marriage certificate (where applicable).
  • Two testimonials one of which shall be from a former employer.
  • Three (3) copies of consecutive publication of job vacancy advertisement in a national newspaper. (all first-time applicants with the exception of agricultural workers and domestic workers must fulfill this requirement).
  • Valid passports (passports must be valid up to six months).
  • All first-time applicants must first obtain an extension of stay from the immigration department before applying for a work permit.
  • Photocopy of passport bio-data page.
  • All first-time self-employed applicants must include the following:
  1. A bank statement
  2. Certificate of registration of business
  3. In case of farming: proof of ownership of land or lease for agreement.