Police continue investigations into drone incident at Morne Daniel

by: - March 5, 2021
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Photo of a drone flying

The police are continuing their investigations into a drone incident that occurred in Morne Daniel on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021.

Videographer/Photographer, Jahwanza Stuart and popular blogger, Lynworth “Mystelics” Mitchell, were both arrested and taken into police custody for allegedly flying a drone in the Morne Daniel area near Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s official residence.

The men were in the area flying their drone sometime about 5:00 PM over the Prime Minister’s residence.

Inspector John Carbon told the media on Thursday, that the officers on duty pushed forward to keep track of the device but lost complete sight of it.

The drone later fell to the ground outside the Prime Minister’s farm which is right next to his official residence, according to Carbon.

The officers recovered the drone at about 5:15 PM and seized it for investigations.

The individuals were then intercepted by the police after they disembarked a Mitsubishi pickup, registration number TL654 in search of the fallen drone near the Prime Minister’s farm.

The two men in question were arrested while their vehicle was searched and taken to police headquarters.

The men remained in police custody as investigations continue into the matter.

Attorney Joshua Francis is representing Lynworth Mitchell while Singoalla Blomquist Williams is representing Jahwanza Stuart.

Meantime, persons gathered at the Police Headquarters on Thursday afternoon vociferously calling for the dismissal of Jahwanza Stuart and Lynworth “Mystelics” Mitchell from the police custody.