PM Skerrit gets vaccinated

by: - February 23, 2021
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit was earlier today inoculated with the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Prime Minister promised the nation that he would be among the first to be inoculated so as to encourage the wider population to avail themselves for the vaccine.

“It was a very simple prick,” he told members of the media soon after receiving his first dose of the vaccine. “I think the nurse is very experienced and as I said we should all avail ourselves to this opportunity.”

“Let us not wait for other countries to impose the requirement on us if we have to travel or if we have to do business overseas. But even for those of us who have no business traveling, it is for our own protection.”

Prime Minister Skerrit said citizens must count it a blessing that we have this vaccine readily available to the public.

“I wanted this day to come when I could avail myself of being vaccinated and there is no fear about this thing. Let us not wait until we are forced to take it, or we are mandated to take it by external forces. Let us take it, it’s available, with what we have from India now we can vaccinate 25,000 Dominicans, 25,000 Dominicans can be vaccinated.”

He urged citizens to understand that they’re volunteering to be vaccinated for themselves first, for their families, for their communities, and for the country.

“I’m hoping that by me taking it, because I understand that a number of people are saying that they are waiting for Skerrit to take it, so now that Skerrit has taken it I’m hoping that those who were waiting for me to take it will rush to the health facilities to take yours, remember you are not taking it for me,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit noted.