Next phase of vaccination implementation begins in Dominica

by: - February 22, 2021
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Dominica will begin the next phase of its vaccine implementation program in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic today.

The Ministry of Health is expected to commence vaccination of its priority target groups at all seven health districts on the island.

“The Ministry of Health has arranged for vaccinations to take place from Monday from 9 am to 3 pm, that is from Monday to Friday. The main type 3 health centers where the vaccines will be given are as follows; the Roseau health center, the Grand Bay health centre, the St. Joseph health center, the Castle Bruce health center, the Marigot health center, and the Portsmouth health center.”

To receive the vaccine, persons are encouraged to contact their district nurses or visit the aforementioned health centers.

Persons can also visit vaccineregistration.dominica.gov.dm.

Prime Minister Skerrit reiterated that the vaccination against the COVID-19 virus is not mandatory but in the best interests of the population.

“I believe it is in your best interest,  and in the best interest of your family, and in the best interest of our community and our nation to get vaccinated. Let us not engage ourselves in all of this unnecessary talk about vaccine and conspiracy theories and all of this small talk that’s taking place, not only in Dominica but across the world. So this is a critical step in preventing and combatting the spread of disease and let us engage in this. We have been through very difficult times with Covid-19, the whole of 2020, and certainly the whole of 2021 thus far and scientists are saying to us, the experts are saying to us that vaccines will help us fight back against COVID-19.”

The vaccines will not only be for Dominican citizens but for residents of Dominica as well.

“So, our friends from the Dominican Republic, you can certainly get vaccinated, our Haitian friends, you can get vaccinated as well and all our wonderful people who are resident here working, or on vacation, we are privy to extend this vaccine to you. This is a public good and we need to ensure that everyone who would like to get vaccinated can get vaccinated,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit stated.