Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines arrives in Dominica

by: - February 10, 2021
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Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccines being transferred from the aircraft on Tuesday

70,000 doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines have arrived on Dominican soil from the Government of India.

The vaccines arrived here on Tuesday evening at the Douglas-Charles Airport in Marigot.

These 70,000 doses of vaccines will be administered to 35,000 Dominicans as the country begins its vaccination rollout program.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, at a ceremony for the arrival of the vaccines, expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

“One would have thought and understood that in a global pandemic such as this, a nation’s size and might may have been the primary considerations. But it is to the credit of prime minister Modi that our request was considered on merit and the equality of our people was recognized. I’d like to take this opportunity once again to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to prime minister Modi his government and the citizens of India,” Prime Minister Skerrit said.

The vaccines will be placed in the custody of the central medical stores as the public campaign begins from today.

“The highly hailed Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine that we have taken possession of this evening ensures that Dominica will launch the largest vaccination campaign in modern history in our country,” Skerrit noted.

He said, “I am pleased to announce that the vaccine will tonight be placed in the custody of central medical stores and from tomorrow we will proceed to advance our public awareness campaign to include the registration of persons interested in receiving vaccines.”

Prime Minister Skerrit also informed that the administering of the vaccines will begin on the 22nd of this month with frontline workers and senior citizens who are at risk among the first to be vaccinated.

“I have been advised by the ministry of health that we will start the vaccination exercise on February 22nd, 2021. We will ensure as advised by the ministry of health that the frontline workers will be the first to receive the vaccines and also senior citizens who are at risk and members of cabinet and parliament. I have been ensured by the ministry of health that all systems have been put in place to ensure that recipients of the vaccine will be diligently monitored throughout their vaccination process.”

He says research from the Oxford University reports that the protection provided by the first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine kicks in after three weeks and lasts right through to the second dose at the three-month mark.

“Guided by the results of the latest studies, this vaccine will reduce the likelihood of transmission to others. This means that Dominica as a country will soon be empowered to achieve a crucial objective which is to further minimize and eventually stamp out the impact of the various strains of Covid-19,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, speaking at a ceremony held for the arrival of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccines at the Douglas-Charles Airport on Tuesday.