Over 35 organizations invited to make written submissions on the electoral reform process in Dominica

by: - February 1, 2021
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Over 35 organizations are being invited to make written submissions on the electoral reform process in Dominica, come February 1, 2021.

The invitation which is being sent to all the political parties, recognized civic groups, and non-governmental organizations comes from Sir Dennis Byron, consultant on the electoral reform process, now taking place in Dominica.

Sir Dennis, former president of the Caribbean Court of Justice, has been engaged by the government of Dominica to review among other things electoral laws, draft electoral amendment Bills and submissions written and oral, and conduct research if necessary or required.

One of the specific objectives with which he has been assigned is “to review and advise on the provisions for eligibility to vote including the use of identification cards for the purpose of voting and whether the law ought to also provide for other or additional methods of identification in keeping with the constitutional right to vote”.

Over the past several weeks, Sir Dennis and the Dominica Electoral Commission have been collaborating in preparation for consultation with the various groups and the general public on the reform process.

Sir Dennis is also expected to provide a report that advises on the way forward including, but not limited to, any recommended legislative reforms to achieve the objectives of his assignment.

According to an official from the electoral commission, in addition to the circulation of a questionnaire to members of the public, the consultant is expected to engage members of the public via call-in radio programmes as an alternative to townhall meetings.