Former Superintendent of Police recommends mandatory use of head gears for motorcycle riders

by: - December 29, 2020
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Former Superintendent of Police, Ainsworth Irish, has recommended that the Government of Dominica make the wearing of head gears mandatory for motorcycle users.

This recommendation comes in light of a number of accidents and road collisions over the last few days, some resulting in fatalities.

“Six months grace period and you have a stringent law. If persons are riding without it after 6 months, then they are brought before the court and fined instantly $200 to pay, now for now, and persons will learn,” Ainsworth Irish noted.

Just this Christmas, National Cricketer, Captain of the Dominica cricket team and former Windward Islands Volcanoes captain, Tyrone Theophile was involved in a serious bike accident in which he suffered a fractured skull.

Theophile was airlifted on Sunday for urgent medical attention in the French Island of Martinique.

Another motorcycle accident, on Boxing Day, involved a police officer, Philbert Williams. According to reports, Williams was riding his motorcycle in a southerly direction when he collided with a car near the building which formerly housed the Dominica Banana Marketing Corporation (DBMC).

His motorcycle was extensively damaged and he was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical doctor.

Irish said further, it is a major concern as too many riders are without proper riding gear.

“Too many cyclists are on the road riding on a day-to-day basis without any headgear and that is cause of concern,” he indicated.

“Certainly, I think something should be done in that regard to curtail the level of traffic collisions and injuries and cost to the health sector,” Former Superintendent of Police, Ainsworth Irish said.