Police to strictly enforce use of mask in public spaces this week; fight against “back door” continues

by: - December 21, 2020
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Assistant Superintendent in Charge of the Northern Division, Anthony Lawrence

Police officers will be called upon this week to strictly enforce the mandatory use of masks in public spaces here.

Assistant Superintendent in Charge of the Northern Division, Anthony Lawrence made the announcement during a COVID-19 press briefing on Monday.

This week will be one of the busiest as many persons will flock to the city of Roseau and the town of Portsmouth to do their last-minute shopping for the Christmas holiday.

“While the police have been very tolerant during this week, police officers will be called upon to strictly enforce this requirement,” Lawrence stated.

The penalty requirements for not wearing a mask or face covering is EC$75.00.

Lawrence indicated that in recent times, it has been observed that people continue to go about their business with little regard to the protocols, thus increasing the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19.

He reminded persons that each individual must make an effort to wear a mask, sanitize, and observe the social distancing guidelines.

“The Ministry of Health has taken this threat very seriously and have enacted legislation. Section three (3) of the environmental health service, SRO 40 of 2020, provides for mandatory mask requirements, therefore, absolutely no one should be in any public space without a mask.”

Lawrence stated further that it is the responsibility of everyone to comply with this requirement.

Border Strategies

Meanwhile, the police have implemented a number of border strategies to prevent persons from living and entering the island illegally.

“Persons who engage in this activity seems persistent in their trade. They can only do so because they do not value their lives and that of others,” he said.

Lawrence reported on a vessel that found itself in distress off the coast of Martinique.

“Only today we learned that a vessel carrying eleven (11) people encountered difficulties off the coast of Martinique. Three people have been rescued while the others have not been found,” he stated.

Approximately forty-two (42) individuals have been arrested for allegedly coming into the country illegally.

“We will not relent and will continue in our efforts to combat and prevent people from living and entering Dominica illegally, ” Assistant Superintendent in Charge of the Northern Division, Anthony Lawrence.

Lawrence also thanked the general public for continuing to provide information on people entering the country illegally.