Government partners with Preconco Ltd to construct 51 homes in the Kalinago Territory

by: - December 2, 2020
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The Government of Dominica continues to address the housing needs of residents in the Salybia Constituency as they joined forces with Preconco Limited to construct fifty- one (51) homes in the Kalinago Territory.

“We understand that addressing the housing needs of the Salybia Constituency requires a collective effort and we are pleased as a Government to join forces with Preconco Limited to construct fifty- one homes in the Kalinago Territory,” a press release stated.

These homes will be built to withstand hurricane-force winds and seismic activity.

Additionally, they will be fitted with all basic amenities in either two or three-bedroom dwelling houses.

The release states, that the project is at an advanced stage, having already constructed twenty (20) houses in Seneku and Concord respectively.

“An additional thirty-one homes will be built on scattered lots throughout the Kalinago Territory, taking into consideration our way of living and making provisions for adequate space to practice backyard gardening etc. to support healthier lifestyles.”

The beneficiaries range from single-parent headed households, the elderly, women, and children who are all very pleased.

“As a Government, we will continue to prioritize heavily on the housing needs of the Salybia Constituency.”

“To date, we are working simultaneously on five (5) housing interventions, which we will provide regular updates to the community and the wider public.”

“There are several things that can impact the progress of development, but we remain resolute in ensuring that we build and transform the lives of our residents for their future well-being.”