Parry Bellot Announces Decision to Sue Two Members of DFP for Defamation

by: - November 20, 2020
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Local Businessman and owner of Link Magazine, Parry Bellot has announced decisions to sue the Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party, Kent Vital, and Johnson Boston, President of the Freedom Party for defamation.

Mr. Bellot indicated that he was accused by the party leader, Mr. Kent Vital, of receiving a monthly sum of $3,500 from Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to spread propaganda.

The incident, Mr. Bellot informed, occurred three months ago and has also labeled such acts as mischievous.

“I had called in to the freedom party program but I called in mostly to criticize the freedom party because I thought that in the last few months, certainly before the election, they had gone over the top with their criticism of the labour government and brining things I’m sure knew were not correct, were not the facts,” Parry stated.

Mr. Bellot said after his call, persons were allowed to call in and disagreed strongly with what he stated.

“It really got bad when the party people, the party leaders started criticizing me and accusing me of not being an honest person, I’m a bourgeoisie, I don’t care for poor people. Really attacking me,” he said.

Bellot informed the media that the party president, Johnson Boston, insisted on moving ahead with their discussions but, however, the party’s leader, Kent Vital, continued and stated, “Mr. Bellot, I know you’re listening. I want to ask you this question. Is it not true that Mr. Skerrit is giving you $3,500 every month to do his propaganda?”

“So, I am announcing here that I am suing both Mr. Vital and Mr. Johnson Boston of the Freedom Party,” local businessman, Parry Bellot said.

Mr. Bellot denied the accusations and stated that the top DFP politicians are seeking to damage his character.

“If I’m being secretly paid by Mr. Skerrit or anybody else, that would be wrong because in the States you have a right to work for a foreign government or for a foreign person but you have to identify the kind of business.”

“I’m not getting a cent from Mr. Skerrit,” Bellot explained. “After that thing was made the evening, days after people are saying now we know why you’re singing for your supper, $3,500 you getting. “And there’s no truth to that,” he added.

The veteran journalist said lawyers have agreed with him in saying that the DFP top leaders didn’t allow him to defend himself.

Meanwhile, in response to Mr. Bellot, Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party, Kent Vital stated that Bellot “is looking for attention”.

“On the Parry matter, we really don’t have anything to say on this to Parry,” Vital stated.

He argued that, “Parry apparently wants attention.”

“So if he wants to do what he wants to do and he thinks he has a case to make, let him make his case. But we asked him to inform the public on a certain matter so he is free to inform the public or not. He is free to try to sue us if he wants too so let him do just that. I don’t have much attention to pay to Parry.”