by: - October 22, 2020
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Suggestions that Dominica’s elections are not free and fair have been spurned on twenty occasions since 2005.

That’s according to Senior Council, Anthony Astaphan who says all twenty petitions were filed by the United Workers Party.

“Twenty election petitions that the United Workers party has filed and all of them have been dismissed on the basis that they either didn’t meet the basic threshold required for trial,” Senior Council Astaphan said,

Astaphan stated that the delivery of the judges 100-plus page judgement was meticulous, careful, objective and rational and pointed out that the United Workers Party in these ten petitions, made and contravened the same errors they had made in 2005, 2009 and 2010.

“So instead of looking into the mirror and seeing well if after twenty times that my med stamp has been taken off the ground maybe I should start looking at myself in the mirror and come the realization that I must stop lying and misleading to and misleading the people of the country. But the suggestion that these elections are not free and fair has been repudiated on 20 occasions since 2005.”

All ten election petitions filed by the united workers party for the 2019 general elections were struck out by justice Raulston Glasgow.

The decision was handed down during proceedings last week at the Dominica High Court.

The UWP was seeking to have the court overturn the election results in St. Joseph, Mahaut, Morne Jaune, La Plaine, Castle Bruce, Salybia, Roseau Valley, Roseau Central, Roseau South and Wesley constituencies.

Mr. Astaphan went further in stating that Lennox Linton is unfit to be the leader of the Opposition United Workers Party and the Prime Minister of Dominica by extension.

“Madame justice Brooke Stephenson, Mr. justice Ventos, now they’re speaking in the vilest terms, and that is Lennox Linton and the United Workers Party, in the vilest terms about Justice Glasgow. And I want to know this time what is the committee of concerned lawyers going to say, what is the bar association going to say, what is the OECS bar association going to say, what is the director of public prosecution going to say.”

He added, “A man cannot become so unhinged that he has lost again.”

“Because of the pedaling of lies that he wants to transform into a legal case and attack the judge in the vilest terms and in the most malicious tone and get away with it again, ‘the judge this and the judge that and the judge is partisan and the judge have an axe to grind,’ what possible axe could the judge have to grind. Mr. Lennox Linton is a disgrace, I don’t think he’s mentally or psychologically fit to be a political leader of a party or the leader of the opposition and certainly not the prime minister of this country.”