by: - October 15, 2020
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The Government of Dominica through the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Planning, Resilience, Sustainable Development, Telecommunications, and Broadcasting will participate in an International Cyber Security Awareness Campaign in collaboration with the United Kingdom-based Cybersecurity Online Safety Organization “Get Safe Online” on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

Dominica’s participation in the global event is titled “Get Safe Online Glocal24” takes the form of an online interactive panel discussion.

Oscar George, Minister responsible for Telecommunications and Broadcasting says, “As Dominica continues to take steps to transform its economy, the use of ICT’s and E-Governance has become increasingly tied to development and social well-being.”

He said, “What we have seen lately is an exponential increase in the presence of the average citizen online and this has presented areas of vulnerabilities related to cybersecurity.”

Cybersecurity has become mandatory in ensuring Dominica’s ability to remain resilient and competitive in the emerging technological evolution.

“So, in an effort to promote and enhance public awareness of online safety practices, Dominica will take part in a Global cybersecurity public awareness campaign on Thursday 15th October 2020.”

The event is being spearheaded by ‘GetSafeOnline’ which is a UK-based public-private sector partnership focused on online safety and supported by leading organizations in banking, retail, internet security, and other sectors.

The event will be broadcast live from 9am to 10am and will see presentations by a wide range of stakeholders including the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Ministry of the Digital Economy, the University of the West Indies, DAIC, Digicel, the National Youth Council and the National Bank of Dominica.

“Presentations will seek to outline the various initiatives and measures related to cybersecurity to ensure online safety of all our citizens,” Oscar George, Minister responsible for Telecommunications and Broadcasting says.