Dominican Parliamentarians begins three-day post-election seminar

by: - September 23, 2020
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A post-election seminar for Dominican Parliamentarians gets on the way today at the House of Assembly.

This three-day event has been organized by the House of Assembly in tandem with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

The event which begins today Wednesday, September 23, will climax on Friday, September 25, 2020.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Phillip Rolle told Dominica Vibes parliamentarians will see an upgrading of the standards of parliament and parliamentary procedure from the three-day seminar.

“It’s for us to get more acquainted with what is parliamentary procedure exactly,” Rolle said.

“I’m here to benefit from the knowledge. I see myself as a sponge today and for the next two days because this is still very, very new to me and I’m just here to just grab as much knowledge and information as possible,” Rolle told Dominica Vibes before the seminar on Wednesday.

Dominica Vibes also spoke to the Minister of Youth Development and Empowerment, Hon. Dr. Adis King who said, “I’m going in open-minded as a new parliamentarian.”

“I just want to learn what are all the rules and regulations and listen attentively. It’s at the highest level, the Commonwealth is actually the one conducting the session so I expect to learn a lot,” Dr. King added.

Meanwhile, Minister of the Environment, Rural Modernization and Kalinago Upliftment, Hon. Cozier Frederick is hoping that out of the three-day seminar he could build on his profile as a national politician.

Dominica Vibes spoke also to Ernie Lawrence Jno-Finn, member of the Opposition.

She said, “As a new parliamentarian I would expect to get some insight into the general behaviors, protocols, and whatever they have to give to us; how we should get on, and how we should conduct ourselves in parliament.”

Parliamentary Representative for the Wesley Constituency, Fidel Grant who also spoke with Dominica Vibes said, “This seminar is basically to sensitize the new parliamentarians as to how it is that you go about conducting yourself in parliament.”

He said, “I’m expecting to learn and improve as a parliamentarian in the years to come.”

Another member of the Opposition, Clement Marcellin told Dominica Vibes whatever is presented should be of benefit to all parliamentarians.

He said, “Once we go up there with an objective mind the information which will be presented will be used to horn our skills which will then transcend or translate to us being able to effectively address the issues of the day and towards the betterment of the lives of every Dominican. So I’m very optimistic, I’m looking towards having a fruitful discussion today and to learn as much and even so do it as quickly as possible so that our lovely island could benefit from our endeavors.”