Minister believes gov’t in position to withstand adversities

by: - September 17, 2020
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Senior Minister and Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Hon Reginald Austrie

Senior Minister and Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Hon Reginald Austrie believes the Government of Dominica will be in a position to withstand, at least in the short-term, any adversity thrown against it.

The Minister made this statement on the heels of the third anniversary of the destruction caused by hurricane Maria in 2017.

“We did after maria. Immediately after maria like I said, we never went hungry, we had food on our table,” Austire said. He added, “Our public service was still functional, even when people worked from home and they were at home because there were no schools. The private sector was totally destroyed…from the government, from the public service stand point we were still able to pay salaries and meet our commitments and our obligations, because of our prudent financial management.”

“And that continues, and I am very very confident that may God forbid that we are faced with another situation, like maria, we will survive,” Austrie lamented.

Austrie also says the Dominica Government is doing everything it can to ensure that resistance is built in every sector in the event any natural disaster hits the island.

“Well the thing is our theme and our policy after the hurricane was building resilience. It is a theme we have been exposed in, and I would like to believe and I would like to say that on the government side, that most of the homes we’re building are in fact hurricane resistant,”he said.

He says it is a transformation that has to take place right across the country. “We have the Agricultural World Bank Programme which in there, is some resilience built into that system. So, it’s a consciousness and we need to understand because we will always be threatened by hurricanes, every year…we are right in the path of the hurricane, and we have had challenges with hurricanes in the past, not as devastating as maria.”

“But I believe that based on government policy, of building resilience, we don’t know what is coming, the hurricanes will be more ferocious as the scientists predicts, but we’re doing everything we can to ensure that in every aspect of our lives we build the resistance; in our education, in our health systems, in every system in Dominica, we’re building resilience and we’re hoping that that will serve us well in the event that we are faced with any one of those disasters,” Senior Minister and Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Hon Reginald Austrie told the media on Wednesday.