Felix Henderson receives Q’Dos to Our Heroes award

by: - September 15, 2020
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Dominica’s veteran broadcaster and creole icon, Felix Henderson has received yet another award to add to his collection.

Mr. Henderson received Q95’s “Q’Dos to our Heroes” award on Monday night.

Henderson who has been a creole broadcaster at the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation (DBS Radio) for over 40 years, is the second recipient of the “Q’Dos to our Heroes” award.

“For his exemplary performance, for going well over and beyond the call of duty and above normal work demands; for commanding respect in society, for being a true pioneer in his works and occupations, for his innovation, his achievements and his tenacity; for his impactful leadership of excellence towards community involvement, collaborations, partnerships; for his dedicated commitment to national development; for his national humanitarian outreach, the Q95 heroes committee recognizes, appreciates, embraces and awards Felix Henderson as a creole champion in language, in reading, in humorous advertising and promotions and for his insightful plays and documentaries geared to uplift the lives of the poor and oppressed, for all of these reasons and more, we bestow upon Felix Henderson, the title of a true Dominican hero,” the Chairman of the Q’Dos to our Heroes Committee, Sheridan Gregoire stated.

Meanwhile, the Creole Icon thanked everyone who played a key role in assisting with his medical attention in Martinique.

He also thanked God for giving him the strength.

“I really want to thank everyone, my wife and everybody else that said thanks,” Henderson said. “What I want people to know that God is great, I believe in God, that God is my strength,” he added.

Henderson explained that he turned to Jesus Christ during his battle. “I left to go to Martinique and my wife couldn’t come with me, I turned my face to Jesus Christ. It was difficult up there, it was very difficult, but God took me back. I came back here, and I had to face challenges again. I went back to the hospital but God was with me, and today I came back home, and today I’m very thankful.”

He added, “My faith lies in Jesus Christ my King, I am not ashamed of Jesus Christ. I want people to know that God reigns, that Jesus reigns, and without him, there’s no one else. He is my rock, He is my fortress, my deliverer. I will stand among princes and kings and let the world know that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Henderson has received a number of national awards in his career including the Golden Drum Awards.