A Transformed Capital City For Dominica

by: - August 11, 2020
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Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency and Chairperson of the Commission for Roseau Vision 2025


Dominica, and more so, the people of Roseau, will see a transformed Capital City.

This is the view of the Parliamentary Representative for Roseau Central, Melisa Poponne-Skerrit.

Mrs. Skerrit who was a guest on the Prime Minister’s ‘Anou Palay’ show on Sunday, said while the Government is developing the residential aspects of Roseau it is also developing the commercial aspects among other projects.

“With commercial Roseau you’ve seen lately we’ve given out the sixteen keys for the sixteen kiosk, ten on the Roseau River Promenade and six on Charles Avenue.”

“So this is sixteen entrepreneurs who will start a brand new business,” she said.

The Roseau Central MP further added, “We also have the three public restrooms, the first set you will see on the river promenade and this is something that we are going to further develop having public restrooms in strategic locations across Roseau.”

The Government of Dominica will also be undertaking urban gardens to enhance the aesthetics of the City using abandoned lots.

Mrs. Skerrit also mentioned the resurfacing of the roads across major arteries in the city among other projects.

She also boasts of the development of Tourism in the city.

“Even during this pandemic we see that Fort Young Hotel is expanding and they are now including a hundred new rooms and in addition to that we have a brand new hotel, a sixty-six luxury boutique hotel called Timbo’s which will be erected along Victoria Street.”

“We see the rehabilitation of the Old Market and with that we made sure that we are maintaining the historic design as well,” the MP for Roseau Central said.