Ajani Casimir Wins Cycling Race

by: - August 11, 2020
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Ajani Casimir (center) receiving his 1st place trophy

Ajani Casimir is the winner of the second race organized by the Dominica Cycling Association following the COVID-19 restrictions.

Ajani outdone four other racers on Sunday to emerge victorious in what could be described as a difficult ride.

The route for the second race was originally carded to take place from Ma Boyd’s Bar in Pottersville to Colihaut but was however shortened to Salisbury.

Kevon Boyd came in second followed by Talmond Lucien of the Kalinago Territory.

Kevon Boyd (left), Talmond Lucien (center), and Ajani Casimir (right)

Young Ajani Casimir spoke to reporters after his famous win on Sunday. He says this was one of his hardest rides.

“I feel good. I feel very good,” he said.

“This ride was one of my hardest rides even though it was one of my fastest rides,” he told reporters.

He added, “First round I was feeling fresh, I was going fast but second round my body just started feeling weird and Kevon [Boyd] was just with me and we were just going together.”

“And then coming to the end I just give it my all,” Ajani said.