Triple Kay hosts ‘Mega Monday’ Carnival Roadshow

by: - February 3, 2019
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Triple Kay hosts ‘Mega Monday’ Carnival Roadshow on Sunday 3rd February from 10:00am.

The Road Show starts in La Pwet and ends in Portsmouth via the villages of Newtown, Roseau, Canefield and Mahaut.

According to Jeoffrey Joseph, Manager and band member of Triple Kay Band, “there will be a music truck as well as a hype truck. [There will also be] powder on the road and all sorts of other exciting things happening on the road. [We encourage] persons to come out and take advantage of the $100 special”.

The $100 Mega Monday special applies to all currently available ‘Mega Monday’ packages such as the body suit package, tank top packages, and all other packages in whatever design, style and colour that interested persons desire.

Mr Joseph further encourages persons to come out to the Road Show and take full advantage of the $100 special as spaces are currently limited and the special may not become available again.

The aim of the Road Show is to display the excitement that will be associated with Mega Monday and also to encourage the public to register for the special offer.

Mega Monday takes place on Monday 4th March, 2019.

Vibes Radio is a Mega Partner of Triple Kay’s Mega Monday event. Other leading sponsors include Digicel and Kubuli, among other various partners.