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Dominicans discuss Maria on its first anniversary

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 18, 2018
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John Johnson

Exactly one year since the passage of Hurricane Maria, Vibes News took to the streets to find out people’s experiences and what their year of recovery has been like.

“After coming from the house next day-see the type of aftermath, then I realized that i could compare it as a nuclear fallout,” John Johnson told us.

Since Maria’s passage he said, “I am prepared so well that i’m willing i’m willing to listen to all the song and check the natural atmosphere so that i can get myself secure.”

Meanwhile Nurse Pamele Baron stated that she stayed safe during the passage of Hurricane Maria as she was housed in a “sheltered place” noting that she had awakened a few times to mop up the water that was coming in a times.

“Most of it was spent sleeping and the next morning i was surprised to see all that had happened.”

In terms of Dominica’s recovery since Maria, Nurse Baron believes the island is doing well compared to what it was like in the immediate aftermath.

Her preparations she said has remained the same. “Same thing that I did before,” she said with a smile, “just gather up some food and some water and make sure that the place is safe…that’s it.”

Meanwhile Theresa George, a vendor at the Roseau Market said her experience was horrible, terrifying and frightening. She thinks the country has recovered very fast and nice since Maria.

In terms of preparations now she said, “I make sure that I have my chargers for my battery for my flashlight and make sure that i buy some Chinese lights that’s for sure,” she said before laughing and mentioning that she “couldn’t go looting.”

“I advise everyone after Maria that they stock up properly, buy your yams and sweet potatoes-things that you know that will last.”