Dominica grateful for Venezuela’s support

by: - July 5, 2018
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Deputy Prime Minister of Dominica, Reginald Austrie has emphasized the Dominica Labour Party government’s gratitude for the support of the President and people of Venezuela.

Mr. Austrie, who was addressing a wreath laying ceremony at the Simon Bolivar Square in Goodwill on Thursday 5 July 2018, said Venezuela continues to support Dominica even through its own challenging times.

The wreath laying ceremony, organized by the Venezuelan Embassy in Dominica, was to commemorate Venezuela’s 207th anniversary of independence and in celebration of Simon Bolivar’s efforts in liberating the country.

Mr. Austrie said that Venezuela was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Dominica after its Independence in 1978.

“Since then the relationship has grown from strength to strength and we formed a friendship based on mutual respect, solid trust and respect for constitutional authority and for the rule of law,” Mr. Austrie stated.

He said over the years, Venezuela has repeatedly demonstrated profound sincerity and friendship by standing “by us in our darkest days and our darkest moments especially following our several disasters”.

Mr. Austrie recalled that Venezuela was “probably the first country” who came to Dominica’s aid following Tropical Storm Erika in 2015 and Hurricane Maria in 2017.

“You continue to stand strong by us even when you too are going through some of your dark days, but we are confident that with the strength of the Venezuelan people, with their tenacity and their courage, you too shall overcome like Dominica strong,” Mr. Austrie added.

“We will never forget, and we will be forever grateful to the government and people of Venezuela for your unflinching show of solidarity and support,” he continued.

Thus, he noted, that Dominica remains confident that Venezuela will overcome its challenges “in a peaceful and democratic manner as you have demonstrated over the years in the face of oppression”.

“We continue to say that we’ll stand by you through thick and thin. You have been there with us and I want you to convey to President Maduro that we stand solidly with him in the regional and international community,” the Deputy Prime Minister assured Venezuelan Ambassador to Dominica Hayden Pirela Sanchez.

He added that the friendship between the countries is not based “on what we can receive but on total respect, on trust and on sincerity”.

Ambassador Pirela expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Skerrit and his Cabinet, for “the great support” given to Venezuela in the international forum.

He said President Maduro, who was “re-elected as the constitutional president of Venezuela for a period of six more years” sends his greetings to the people of Dominica.

“The Embassy of Venezuela in Dominica, we are very hopeful for the reconstruction of Dominica and we are willing to support everything necessary to achieve Dominica’s reconstruction,” the Ambassador stated adding that the great movement for the reconstruction of the country is evident.