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New housing development for Delices to be hurricane and seismic resilient

by: Dominica Vibes News - March 26, 2018
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Christopher Timmins of Montreal Management Consultants

The government announced a housing development plan for the villages on the east of the island on Friday 23 March 2018.

A team of government representatives inclusive of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit along with a representative from Montreal Management Consultants (MMC), who have been awarded the contract for the development, presented this housing plan in various communities.

At Delices, Project Manager of MMC, Christopher Timmins, informed the residents that each house will be twenty-first century constructions which he is confident will last into the twenty-second century.

He also assured that each structure will be designed to be hurricane and seismic resilient explaining, “It will have 9 inches safety glass-impact resistant. It won’t implode into the house in the case of an impact. It may shatter but it won’t implode into the house. It will be safe.”

He explained the materials that will be used to construct these buildings, “They’re going to be reinforced concrete. They will be reinforced concrete outer walls, reinforced concrete slabs, and reinforced concrete roof. The structure will withstand the worst that nature can throw at it. I’m not going to stand here and say it won’t get some impact damage or might loose some gutter…But it will be habitable afterwards, that I am confident.”

Timmins, detailing what each apartment block will entail, said it will contain four 3-bedroom units, twenty 2-bedroom units and 9 one-bedroom units.

“The apartment blocks will face each other so you’re not looking into each other’s back windows. We will be doing our best. This is any other country would be considered a market development. We hope you consider it a market development for here. This is not cheap housing, this is not social type housing, this is good quality housing designed to go into the next century,” he added.