Stop the Partisan Genocide – Put Dominica First Always.

by: Dominica Vibes News - March 13, 2018
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Ambassador Dr. Vince Henderson (file photo)

His Excellency, Dr. Vince Henderson, Dominica’s Ambassador to the United States and the Organization of American States (OAS) has issued a clarion call for a cessation of partisan hostilities particularly on important national issues. Speaking on the weekly radio program, “Focus on Government and Development”, Ambassador Henderson spoke to the negative results of pulling at each other even as we seek to build back better.

Ambassador Dr. Henderson was speaking against the background where the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) had given notice that it would not be taking part in the launch of the Climate Resilient Execution Agency for Dominica (CREAD) until Parliament had given the legislative endorsement of the agency.

Dr. Henderson appealed to the greater national spirit and consciousness of all Dominicans to rise to the occasion when it matters for the sake of Dominica. He intoned that putting Dominica first all the time has to be paramount in everything we do as a people adding that now is the opportune time to put Dominica first, particularly after the destructive efforts of Hurricane Maria.

He singled out the parliamentary opposition, the elected parliamentarians for their present attitude towards national development and even suggested that perhaps some among that grouping may wish to reconsider their political allegiances in the interest of putting Dominica first.
“Why waste time, skill and energy” that can be brought to bear in the process of national development he remarked.

According to the Ambassador, there can be responsible cooperation on behalf of the people of Dominica between the parties even from the comfort of each other’s partisan perch. He understand clearly what is referred to as the “psychology of the village”. Such a mindset keep people holding on to their individual perspective for fear of being laughed at by others should there be a change of heart, attitude or allegiance.

He spoke of instances when certain elements in the opposition who, immediately following the passage of Hurricane Maria, shed their partisan rhetoric and displayed real positive traits in the interest of the people they represent.

Dominica needs time and space to rebuild, he said; the commitment to rebuild ought not to reside only in the ruling DLP, but indeed the responsibility resides in every able bodied Dominican –man, woman and child.