Who will be Calypso Monarch 2018?

by: Staff Writer - February 9, 2018
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The show is still a few hours away ad already there is much controversy. The line has already been drawn in the sand; it is however safe to conclude that some among us have already crowned who the 2018 Calypso Monarch will be.

The songs are out playing on the various radio stations, the calypso tents are alive with the myriad compositions and interpretations of life in Dominica as seen from the perspective of the various writers and singers.

Four former monarchs will grace the stage as they seek to outdo each other and thus appeal to the judges to allow them one more chance in Dominica’s calypso hall of fame and glory.

Certain supporters are already of the view that the decision has already been made and that they will come away happy and gay. Are they setting themselves up for disappointment once the final song is sung? The public is also reminded that the judge’s decision is always final.

Who are the nine to meet the reigning Monarch, Lord Karessah on the night of Saturday February 10th 2018, for what that has already been billed the clash of the titans. Three former Monarchs to include eight times winner King Dice, together with De Scrunter and Tasha P have made it through the eliminations and are eying the crown wanting to have the title of Calypso Monarch bestowed once again on them.

While Chris B, Haxey, Sye, Jaydee, Stephan and the Bobb hold out hope to win their first Calypso Monarch title.

So the dice has already been cast. May the best Calypsonian for 2018 win!