Temporary homes to be provided for citizens residing in shelters

by: Dominica Vibes News - October 12, 2017
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Temporary housing will soon be provided for persons living in shelters in Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, as the government aims to get all persons out of shelters by the coming Christmas season.

This was announced by Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit who was addressing the daily press briefing held on Thursday, October 12th, 2017.

He noted that while the government is working on a strategy for housing, they will be providing a very short term housing solution for persons in shelters.

“The government will have to embark on some housing solutions; they are not permanent. We will build temporary housing facilities for you with adequate sanitation facilities and kitchen facilities but that is really, really short term,” he explained.

Skerrit added that these houses, while temporary will be comfortable and will be an effort to get persons out of shelters by Christmas. He stated that the temporary solution will be in effect as they work on the long term solution.

“With the long term solution, we have to be properly advised, we have to get studies done, and we have to get building sites properly surveyed, and gets experts to advise us on safety issues. We can’t build back any and everywhere. We have to be selective and heed proper advice and we have to be guided properly,” he stated.

Meanwhile the prime minister revealed that in his own calculations, rebuilding homes for affected Dominicans will total in over one billion dollars.

“This will take some time in terms of getting it going, but we have already been engaging companies and foundations out there on the provision of homes for Dominican citizens. Because in my own calculations, and I don’t want you to hold me to this because I have not done any detailed calculations, but we are going to need certainly no less than 1.5 billion E.C dollars to build back homes for Dominicans. And this is just outside of infrastructure. That’s just to build homes. So one can appreciate the sheer cost of providing adequate homes for our citizens,” he said.

According to Skerrit, the construction of the temporary homes is scheduled to begin as early as next week.