Trained psychologists and social workers asked to join Psychosocial Response Team

by: Dominica Vibes News - October 12, 2017
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Dr. Griffin Benjamin, Consultant Psychiatrist

A call has been made for all persons trained in the fields of psychology and social work to join the Psychosocial Response Team of the Ministry of Health.

This call came from Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Griffin Benjamin during the daily press briefing on Tuesday 10 October, 2017 who said, “We must rise. Yes we’re traumatized, but it’s time for us to rise up. This is why we went for training so we can be ready to provide the relevant help to Dominicans who need it…We invite you to join us as soon as possible.”

Dr. Benjamin added that plans also include embarking on more training sessions and invited pastors and clergy members to attend as they have a “leading role to play” in providing practical hope and a better understanding of the human reactions.

“People look forward at this time to leadership and pastors are in a good position to lead the flock,” he said.

The Psychosocial Response Team has been visiting shelters around the island, speaking to survivors of Hurricane Maria.