Is There Not A Cause to deliver relief supplies

by: Dominica Vibes News - October 11, 2017
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Is There Not A Cause (ITNAC) is set to deliver over fifty pallets of food supplies and water to communities and shelters around the island in their bid to aid Dominicans affected by Hurricane Maria.

Representative of ITNAC, Brent Hector stated at the daily press briefing on Wednesday 11 October 2017, that they have been working within the framework laid out by the Government.

“Now we are presently working with the Ministry of Health assisting them in their outreach connects as they seek to get their health centers back up. But, in addition to the medical standpoints we go out and we do. We have visited the shelters in some communities, working within the framework that the government has set out which is to work with the village councils, and the urban councils,” he explained.

He went on to state that ITNAC has been based primarily in the west, but will move into the east as soon as transportation and communications become easier adding that the areas that they have visited have been supplied with canned goods, toiletries and hygiene packs, baby supplies where needed, conducted mobile connects as well as given water.

“In all we have distributed along sixty five pallets of supplies and clothing. We have presently over fifty pallets, twenty nine of which are food and supplies, and about thirty pallets of water, to be distributed to the areas that we haven’t made contact with as yet,” Hector said.

ITNAC is an organization founded and supported by the government and Armed forces military of Trinidad and Tobago who aids countries and individuals who are in need.