Dominicans asked to remain hopeful and resilient

by: Dominica Vibes News - October 11, 2017
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Behavior Change Therapist, Wendell De Leon

Behavior Change Therapist, Wendell De Leon has urged Dominicans to be resilient and hopeful as they work to rebuild the island following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

De Leon, who was speaking at the daily press briefing held on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, stated that many persons have lost hope after experiencing trauma as a result of hurricane Maria.

He noted that along with his team, they have conducted numerous Critical Incident debriefing; a psychological debriefing which aids person in seeing hopefulness after trauma.

“We have done a total of eighteen CISCs in the communities and shelters we have reached. We have seen a total of a hundred and sixty five individuals again within those communities. We have touched over fifteen families and dealt with over eleven of those groups. And that’s just within the week that we are here,” De Leon stated.

De Leon said although they are only here for the remainder of this week, they aim to help people rebuild their thinking and regain hopefulness, stating that this is key to the speed of development in Dominica.

“The faster people are able to see the silver lining and see hope in their efforts, the faster they will get their hands on deck and start the rebuilding process for the country,” he explained.

He described Dominicans as a resilient people urging us to tap into that resiliency as we start to rebuild.

“We are also looking at rebuilding the strength of the individual. You all have years of resiliency. You are probably one of the few islands that have experienced so many hurricanes and lived through it and survived and thrived and rebuilt. So you have a level of resilience. Tap into that resilience, tap into that strength,” De Leon added.