Four containers with relief supplies destined for Hurricane Irma stricken islands

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 11, 2017
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‎Disaster Risk Management & Communications Specialist Cecil Shillingford.

The Government of Dominica in collaboration with the private sector has filled four containers with dry goods and water in a relief effort for victims of Hurricane Irma around the Caribbean.

At a press conference held on Monday September 11 2017, Disaster Risk Management Specialist and Consultant, Cecil Shillingford stated that the Government and the private sector had a meeting where a joint committee was established to run the relief support for those affected.

“While we are making a contribution to the people of these countries, we have to realize that we have large populations in these areas. We just also recall the outpouring from these countries, when we ourselves had our situation to years ago,” Shillingford noted.

Shillingford stated that together with DEXIA and the private sector, four containers will be shipped to Anguilla, Tortola and Sint Maarten/St. Martin.

Two will be shipped to St. Maarten, one filled with dry goods and one with water, while the two other containers will be a mix of dry goods and water one being shipped to Tortola and one to Anguilla, he explained.

He noted that for this shipment the focus was on water and dry goods which can be eaten with little to no preparation.

“The large group of private sector companies are putting together the items that we require, which will go to DEXIA facilities and will be transported to Portsmouth for movement. We are trying to move these goods out of Dominica, before Tuesday evening,” he added.