Dominica pledges financial support to islands affected by Hurricane Irma

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 11, 2017
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has revealed that his Cabinet has decided to assist islands affected by Hurricane Irma from last week Wednesday September 5 into the weekend.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday September 11 2017 at the Financial Center, he stated at that number of these islands will receive a monetary contribution to their recovery.

In respect to Antigua and Barbuda a total of two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars (US$250, 000), St. Kitts and Nevis will be receiving five hundred thousand EC dollars (EC$500, 000), two hundred thousand US dollars (US$ 200, 000) to St. Thomas and two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars (US$250, 000) to Cuba.

This money he said will “assist these governments with the relief efforts and assisting the citizens who were affected”.

Meanwhile as it relates to the other islands, the focus will be placed sending relief supplies based on areas of special needs as indicated by these governments.
The urgent priority for Sint Maarten/ St. Martin, British Virgin Island and Anguilla is supplies and water.

“We are certainly going to be sending an initial amount of supplies and certainly subsequent to that additional supplies to these three islands to assist with provisioning for all the citizens and residents affected in these areas,” he explained.

Mr. Skerrit stated that Dominica has been asked by CARICOM to supply bulk water to these islands.

Dominica is working together with CARICOM and other countries in making this happen soon.

“There are some barges available what we need now are the containers to fill with water so that on an ongoing basis we will be in a position to supply drinking water to these countries in bulk; because the bottled water is fine but in terms of cooking and even for bathing and sanitation and so forth, the bulk water is critical,” he explained.