Today is International Youth Day

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 12, 2017
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Celebrated each year on August 12, today is International Youth Day.

Communications Officer Paul Baron, of the National Youth Council of Dominica told Vibes News Friday said the NYCD being the chief advocate for youth in Dominica sees it fit as always to commemorate this day in some way and so sought to have a dialogue in terms of raising awareness of this day which is celebrated worldwide.

He added that the NYCD hopes to partner with various institutions to host practical activities to celebrate International Youth Day.

Baron said for this year, he along with Tina Alfred who is represented Dominica Coalition of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), spoke on a radio programme earlier in the week on the protection of children rights.

He spoke to this year’s International Youth Day’s theme which is ‘Youth Building Peace’.

“This year’s theme is focused on the role that the youth play in peacekeeping or peace building in terms of conflict resolution and really just having a sort of balanced society in the sense that children rights must be safeguarded, thereby the households in this case [are] more secured,” he said.

Baron stated that in Dominica and in most parts of the world some persons are “challenged and sometime fall victims of conflicts and the likes”.

Therefore, the NYCD he said just wants to highlight this fact and work towards a more balanced society whereby the children can live peacefully.

“As you know the immense responsibility of our society rests on the shoulder of the young and as such they must be safeguarded and we must seek to motivate them so that they become well rounded individuals and that they can help build our society,” he explained.

Baron on behalf of the NYCD wished all the youth a happy International Youth Day urging them to partake in the #InternationalYouthDay on Facebook.