Central Cooperative Credit Union award 4 with full scholarships

by: - August 11, 2017
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The Central Cooperative Credit Union (CCCU) awarded four students who will be entering high school in September with scholarships.

Carlisa George, Khaleed Hypolite, Erickson Philogene and Lezma Mills were awarded the scholarships on Friday at the credit union’s conference room.

Compliance Officer Burton Celestine said the credit union is not only concerned in giving loans, receiving interest payments and saving the money of its members.

“We give back to the public, we give back to our members,” he said adding, “This is one of the occasions where we have the opportunity to shower to four of our deserving students scholarships.”

Human Resource Officer of the CCCU Leandra Belle Charles said with a membership of over twelve thousand persons, the CCCU mission of service goes beyond helping members, development and maintain financial well-being.

Therefore, in the CCCU’s fulfillment of thier cooperate social responsibility, credit union ensures that each year two students are awarded the Father Raymond Proesmans Scholarship based on need and the J.B Eugene Scholarship based on merit.

To date the CCCU has sponsored thirty-two students. “We are very happy to have undertaken this,” she said.

Each scholarship is worth fifteen hundred dollars and Charles said it will allow the students to comfortably enter high school knowing that they have the financial assistance to obtain text books, school fees, school uniforms and stationary though out the five years of high school.

“We say five [years] because we do not expect you to repeat any class, we expect you to just scale through one, two, three, four, five, off to college,” she said.

To the parents, Charles said of the scholarship, “I am sure it has removed one of their biggest stressors and it gives them peace of mind knowing that you are provided for academically when it regards to finance.”