12 receive Chinese government scholarships

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 9, 2017
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Twelve Dominicans have received full scholarships from the People Republic of China under the Chinese Scholarship Program.

Nickacey Jno. Finn, Kerchel Fan-Fan, Danila Paul, Daniel Scotland, Bobb Jenkins, Darron Lloyd, Ghandi Matthew, Nahim Brumant, Curley Darroux, Karhmalee Severin, Bertrand McSwain and Kathlyn Paul all received their acceptance letters at a ceremony held at the Fort Young Hotel on Wednesday August 9 2017.

Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean, told the awardees that they must see themselves as the pillars of the new Dominica. He noted that the government continues to build partnerships to further the education of the Dominican youth because they understand that the mind is an asset that should not be wasted.

Saint Jean then congratulated the awards for grabbing opportunities available to them.

“I congratulate you the awardees, but in so doing I must express my profound pleasure at seeing this picture of positive young person’s grasping the opportunity to gain a world class education,” he stated.

He noted that with all the global problems currently occurring, our young people must be properly equipped to be able to adequately deal with these problems, noting that education is one of the major tools to deal with the current global problems.
He encouraged them to continue to excel academically, while appreciating the gift they have received from the People’s Republic of China.

He also told them to be proud of their accomplishments while they go out and make their country proud.

“You represent some of the best of what our local education system has produced. Therefore, we join in to say to you and your parents be proud of the award of this scholarship, but go out and ensure that you leave the Dominican legacy. Do not disappoint. We expect great things from you. Go out and do your best,” he encouraged.

The scholarships cover the tuition fee, the accommodation fee at campus, a living allowance, as well as a comprehensive Medicare insurance.

One hundred and sixty-three Dominicans have received scholarships from the People’s Republic of China under the Chinese Scholarship Program since its establishment in 2004.