2 Dominicans secure top 50 spots in Cocoa competition

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 9, 2017
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Stewart Paris from Marigot

Two Dominicans have secured spots in the top fifty of the Cocoa of Excellence Programme 2017 after Dominica was asked to submit cocoa samples by the Biodiversity International and Event International to the Cocoa of Excellence and the International Cocoa Award (ICA).

This was the first time that Dominica was invited to submit samples according to DEXIA’s Crop Development Officer, Theodora Anthony-Williams, who stated during an interview with Dominica Vibes on Wednesday August 9, 2017, that the Cocoa of Excellence program is a programme where cocoa producing countries submitted samples which will tested and used to make chocolate.

“The Cocoa of Excellence Programme is a programme where research institutions, chocolate manufacturers and cocoa organizations evaluate cocoa form cocoa producing countries. They are evaluated by based on their qualities that is the taste or the flavor all in an effort to produce chocolate. Dominica participated in this programme for the first time in 2017,” Anthony-Williams stated.

One hundred and sixty-six (166) samples were received from 40 countries from which a liquor was produced and evaluated.

Dominica submitted three samples, out of which two were chosen. Pictures of the cocoa plots and beans were also sent in to determine the quality of the beans.

Dorina Mason from Bataca

The two farmers, Stewart Paris from Marigot and Dorina Mason from Bataca, will be awarded at the International Cocoa Awards held in France in October 2017. Williams noted that DEXIA hopes that they move further into the competition.

An award ceremony will be held where the top fifty will be awarded on October 28, 2017.

The fifty samples will then go on to be produced into chocolate where it will be further evaluated and another three to five participants selected for the International Chocolate Award by the Technical Panel for the International Cocoa Award. The chocolates produced will be sampled at the Salon de Chocolat Ceremony.

“So, we expect that our two participants will be further successful,” Anthony-Williams expressed.

The third sample came from Shillingford Estate in Batalie.