Ras Mo Releases a single – “Pa Ni Poblem”

by: - October 29, 2020
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As Creole Month ends and Dominica’s 42nd independence celebration continues. California based Dominican artist has released a new version of his first solo professional recording, a

Creole song entitled, “Pa Ni Poblem”.

The sarcastic chorus expresses a common Caribbean saying “Pa Ni Problem/No Problem”. Verses focus on contemporary issues and concerns including; political polarization, climate change, and a global pandemic, however, the final verse expresses optimism and the ability to overcome these challenges through unity. Ras Mo says, “I love Creole langue and Creole music and I am confident that they can adequately express the concerns of my people and help us celebrate who we are”.

The production is the work of a full cast of Dominican writers, singers, musicians, and producers, and graphic artists.