The Authorities Confirm No Creole Festival This Year

by: - July 15, 2020
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Word has come that there will be no World Creole Music Festival this year.

Hon Tourism Minister, Denise Charles broke the news in the discussion on Sunday with the Hon Prime Minister.

The 23 year-old World Creole Music Festival usually brings the curtains down on two months of independence activities.

This year, fans will be given fringe events according to Minister Charles revealing the determination from the Discover Dominica Authority in consultation with stakeholders.

“They felt it would be challenging this year but [that] we should consider a fringe event. We are finalizing that. We could have some proposals on what kind of fringe event we can have.”

She continued, “There are some ideas to do a mini-festival…or the concept of Creole in the City.”

Minister Charles said the hope is to have local bands perform and invite the neighbouring islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique and St Lucia.

“There are few concepts that we are floating around and we are hoping to have a proposal soon.”

Earlier this year in May, Marva Williams, Events Manager at the Discover Dominica Authority said ithat the planning could include tweaking the festival’s model to assure patrons of their safety.

Williams at that time was unwilling to deny or confirm, “Whether or not the WCMF is taking place but I can tell you that the priority now is the health and safety of the nation and once we can lock that down, we’ll see what happens…”

Unfortunately, due to covid-19, the event, which last year saw a record number of patrons exceeding 17,000 fêters converge on the Windsor Park Sports Stadium will not go through.