Carnival 2020 Winners Announced

by: - March 13, 2020
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Discover Dominica Authority through the Dominica Festivals Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the various Carnival Street Parades.   The winners were selected by judges who were guided by members of the Road Parade Committee.  The Dominica Festivals Committee thanks all revelers who contributed to making Mas Domnik 2020 one of the most spectacular and colourful Carnival celebrations.

The prize winners of the various Road Parades are as follows: 

Opening parade 



1st  DASPA Blue Economy

2nd  Dominica Red Cross Society

3rd  Central Cooperative Credit Union



1st  National Bank of Dominica – (NBD) 

2nd   Trois Pitons Water Flag Wavers 




  1. First Lapo Kabwit :(1) Gutter Lapo Kabwit(2) Chou Chou Rara   (3) Chou Poul ( each one began at their location at 4:00am promptly 
  2. Lapo kabwit with the largest following at 4:00 am –  Chou Chou Rara 
  3. Best individual male                Ansel Prince                                     

female                      Cibrelle Leblanc                                                                                                                         

  1. Best sensay                                                          Ian Michael  Anthony
  2.  largest old mas group                             Chou Poul
  3. Best jouvert costume group                Dope Boys   
  4. Lapo kabwit with the most lavway      Chou Chou Rara
  5. Best ole mas band                                             Chou Poul 
  6. Longest lapo kabwit                                Chou Chou Rara
  7. Largest lapo kabwit                        Chou Poul
  8. Best jouvert group                          Signal Lumination                                               
  9. Best theatrical group                               MV Stress Free  
  10. Best creative individual                        Daryl Phillip




Best Sensay Group                                                   Grandbay Sensay

Best Children Sensay                            Wesley Primary School


Ole Mas Parade (Traditional)– Carnival Monday 

1st Best ole mas band (adults)               Castle Bruce Neg Mawon 

2nd place                                                                    Kalinago Rhythm 

3rd place                                                                      Thunder birds


 Carnival Monday Parade  – Children’s Carnival Band


Children/Primary School Bands


1st Place Children/primary school band of the year:  Tales from the West- Lucia Lander Dance


2nd Place                                                             St. Martin’s Primary School

3rd Place                                                             Balloon Blast

Primary schools- king of the band        Wesley Primary School 

Children’s queen of the band:                    Tales from the West- Lucia Lander Dance School


Secondary School Bands


Secondary School Band of the Year      Castle Bruce Secondary School

2nd Place                                                    Convent High School


Secondary Schools- King of the Band     Castle Bruce Secondary School

Secondary Schools- Queen of the Band    Convent High School

Children’s Float of the Year:                                St Mary’s Academy

         2nd Place:                                                                      St Mary’s Primary School

         3rd Place:                                                                         Lucia Lander Dance School


Special Award for Carnival Spirit      –

Roosevelt Douglas Primary School

San Sauveur Primary School


Carnival Monday T- Shirt Bands

  1. Carnival Monday Best T-shirt Band Triple K Mega Monday 

         2nd place                                                                                        Klubird

Carnival Tuesday Parade – Adult Bands 


Best Contemporary Band        Hysteria – Ethereal  

2nd Place                                                  Amnesia  – Alter Ego 

3rd Place                                                Pulse Experience –   Temptation Island


Best Traditional Band        Thunderbirds Clowns of the Universe

2nd Place                                     Afrikulture Stilt Walkers – Glo Vide

3rd Place                                      Old Time Sake -   Ali Baba and the Kawant 


 Adult King of the Band –  Traditional        Old Time Sake -   Ali Baba and the Kawant


Adult Queen of the Band – Traditional     Thunderbirds Clowns of the Universe


Adult King of the Band - Contemporary      Hysteria -  Ethereal 


Adult Queen of the Band - Contemporary     Amnesia –  Alter Ego

Largest Band                                            Hysteria- Ethereal  

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