Reigning Junior Calypso Monarch says Bouyon Gets More Attention

by: - February 12, 2020
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                         Malik ‘De Examiner’ Darroux

Reigning Junior Monarch, Malik “De Examiner” Darroux of the Saint Mary’s Academy says he is concerned about what he considers a disproportionate amount of attention being placed on Calypso music as compared to Bouyon.

“I feel that the platform of Junior Calypso Monarch and Calypso monarch is dying for the younger generation because it is not being encouraged, whereas Bouyon is being pushed, as well as other genres. I believe that calypso is only being pushed mainly during the carnival season whereas it can be one of our main tourist [attractions],” he remarked.

De Examiner captured the winning title at the Junior Calypso monarch competition for the second time last weekend.

De Examiner succeeded with his song entitled, ” Visions” written by Jerry Lloyd.

First runner up went to Jedan, “De Jed” JnoBaptiste of the Dominica Grammar School and Cizanne “Cizlight” Peter of the Saint Johns Academy came in at Second Runner up.

He is using his platform to call on young people to set a positive standard.

In an exclusive interview with Dominica Vibes, he shared, “I believe that young people in Dominica will [imitate]what is being pushed onto us by the older generation. Therefore, it is time we start painting a positive picture in the older generation’s minds and we as young people come out and be a beacon of hope for the younger generation to let them know that there is hope and their voices will be heard.”