Calypsonians Calls to Bring Salable Lyrical Content

by: - February 4, 2020
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Soulpuss at the 2011 Calypso Finals Competition. Photo credit: dominica-island.info

The Dominica Calypso Association says it would like to see more saleable lyrical content from calypsonians.

Public Relations Officer, Derek ‘Hunter’ St. Rose says that while domestic topics are interesting and relevant, calypsonians should work on delivering content which is internationally relatable.

He specified that broader topics create tour opportunities.

“Our music should not only be for Dominica or Dominicans overseas. IT boils down to your lyrical content.

“We’re a small population so it’s always important to sing on topics which can be identified with around the world.

“Every year I try to do something for domestic and then something for regional so I can get to do tours and people can relate to the music. We have been encouraging them to do that.”

He further disclosed that while the association is currently in talks to promote calypso beyond the carnival season, financing remains a challenge.