Kalinago Territory Plans for for Real Mas 2020

by: - January 31, 2020
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The Kalinago Events Committee and the Department of Kalinago Upliftment will embark on a number of activities for the Real Mas 2020.

As a result, a number of events have been planned for Mas Domnik2020.

The activities will kick off with an opening ceremony on Saturday February 15th with parade of bands, Lévé Vaval and Chanté Mas competition.

Remarks will also come from both the Kalinago Chief, Lorenzo Sanford and Parliamentary Representative for the Salybia Constituency, Cozier Frederick.

Activities are as follows:


February 23 Kiddies Carnival St. Cyr to Salybia bus-stop 3:00pm

February 24


J’ouvert Platform (Crayfish-River) to Atkinson bus-stop 3:00 am
Participation in national traditional mass parade Roseau 11am
February 25 Bands parade

Judging of bands

Crayfish-River to Big-River: 3:00pm
February 26 Taway vaval ceremony Bataca Top Ranking 3:00pm

All are invited to the Kalinago Territory for  Real Mas 2020.