Trilla G’s New Music Video Stirs Emotions

by: - January 16, 2020
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                                          Trilla G

Emotions ran high this morning, as music lovers and others on social media expressed admiration for Dominica’s  Gael ‘Trilla G’ Jno Baptiste’s latest music video.

In an exclusive interview with Dominica Vibes, the 20-year old Bouyon artist of Goodwill described  ‘The Prayer’ as one’s “modern day gospel Bouyon anthem.”

He conveyed that it was inspired by the uncounted blessings received from the “Most High” and that The Prayer” visualizes his unconditional love for his mother and grief at the absence of his father, who died four years ago.

Trilla G who is known for releasing strictly party hits further disclosed to Dominica Vibes that this project idea came soon after listening to a popular song which he decided to use as a sample for this hit song.

“I came across this song, Bless Me by Good Girl L.A, and I remember listening to that song and feeling so moved and so inspired and I thought it would make a really good sample on a Bouyon instrumental.

“Nobody ever ventured into that gospel vibe on the Bouyon side and I was like you know what, let me make something inspirational for a change, let me make something that can touch people, something real and genuine.”

The video begins with the artist pouring himself a shot of whisky, then proceeding to the cemetery with the bottle in hand.

In the second verse, he reflects on his father’s passing by revealing, “At times I wonder why my daddy had to die, wish you were still alive to be proud of your child,” a line, many viewers described as “touching”.

Trilla G is seen embracing his mother as he sings out his aspirations to make her proud, and so he expressed to Dominica Vibes that, “I wouldn’t say I grew up struggling but I grew up in a single parent household, with just my mother and my two siblings and sometimes it was a strain. Mammy had to make ends meet and it was just her alone and this served as more inspiration to make this track. Just praying that God can bless us, and bless me so that I can provide for my family in return, pay my mother for all that she has done for me.”

While, he feels refunding his mother is not possible, as nothing can reimburse her, Trilla G relayed that, “There are people in your life that you just want to pray and ask God to bless them and even yourself.”

Trilla G is known by fans also as, “Trilla on the Mic” and has been in the Bouyon music industry for about two years, breaking airwaves with his first hit songs, ‘Sweet Talk’ and ‘Colour me’  in 2018.


‘The Prayer’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Bobos Studios and produced by Savion Beats.
The Music Video which was released today was directed and Filmed by Team EZBuy, 365 Music and WeOutchea Entertainment and can be found on YouTube.