Golf Course Proposed for Botanic Gardens

by: - January 15, 2020
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A new concept is being proposed for the Botanic Gardens that includes sporting amenities and a golf course.

This will be led by Chair of the Roseau Revitalisation Programme and Hon Constituency Representative for Roseau Central, Melissa Skerrit.

Hon Minister for Sustainable Development and Planning, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit further discussed the idea suggesting maintaining but improving the original concept.

“If the Bamboo House is still the major attraction for us then we have a problem. The plants are not properly pruned, they are not properly manicured; these grounds should be immaculate. As a matter of fact, people should want to stop and take pictures of new plants and blossoms.

“Upgrading the cricket grounds- this is a major element of the Botanic Gardens, upgrading to a new pavilion and…a small goal football field for the people who like to sweat. Instead of playing football on the grass, there can be a small space there that will not impact the original nature of the Botanic Gardens but certainly enhance it,” he suggested.

In addition to those ideas and admitting that the idea has not been thoroughly discussed, Hon Skerrit also proposed a golf course to increase the tourism appeal.

As Minister for Finance, he projects that with new planned hotels operating at their peaks, Dominica will see about $160 million in annual revenue with an additional $44 million as tax receipts.

Hon Skerrit was speaking at a meeting of stakeholders on Monday, January 13th to present the plan for the enhancement of the capital when he pitched the idea.

The site under discussion is the southern area in the Botanic Gardens where the Division of Agriculture is currently housed.

“Should we have some of the prime real estate in the country overrun by derelict buildings and vehicles?” he asked.

“Let’s ask ourselves what kind of development we can do there that would create jobs, attract tourists to our country, bring foreign exchange and help grow the economy. Something which Dominica does not have and has been talking about for many years…” he hinted.

“Based on our investigations, there is not enough land to do a full length of the project; I’m talking about a golf course. We have engaged professionals who have told us that we can get a nine-hole course there comfortably.”



Photo: (Augusta National Golf Course)