Corporate Sponsors Wanted for Young Athletes

by: - January 6, 2020
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Augustine Pascal of the Dominica Cricket Association says corporate Dominica is missing out on major opportunities to endorse talented sportsmen and women in Dominica.

He spoke candidly with Dominica Vibes recently to say that several young athletes are making waves in the region and should have corporate sponsors to spotlight them while bringing profits to the organisations in symbiotic relationship.

He referenced Alick Athanaze, Stephan Pascal and Earsinho Fontaine, all young talented cricketers.

“[Athanaze] can do promotions on their behalf and [sponsors] can assist him in other areas of his development. There are other athletes who were on his team in Grenada who are looked after by corporate Grenada. Why can’t it happen here?”

He expects that Earsinho Fontaine is one of those to watch. “We have other players like Fontaine; he’s very talented,” Pascal says.

“These people have to be looked after. It cannot be all on the parents and the system; they cannot do everything. Corporate Dominica and the business people have to step up.”

He says every sport played locally has its own prodigies who could benefit and bring benefit to businesses.

Pascal believes sports endorsements will teach young athletes accountability and responsibility while creating a public image that is recognizable and inspiring for both parties.