Film Screening for International Migrants Day 2019

by: - December 16, 2019
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                                       Maxine Alleyne-Esprit

For the first time, Dominica will join the rest of the world in celebrating International Migrants Day, on Wednesday December 18th and with a film screening.

Migrants Day is an initiative of the United Nations, through its office on migration.

Maxine Alleyne-Esprit is Local Communication and Community Engagement officer of the United Nations International Organisation for Migration.

She described the day’s activity.

Alleyne-Esprit says, “This is the first time that Dominica will be participating in the Global Migration Film Festival, and we are doing just the one day activity, on the actual International Migrants Day. We are hosting a free screening of the film, ‘One Way Ticket.’ It will be shown at the Emerald Movies in Roseau from 9:30 in the morning and we expect to be there until maybe 1:00.”

Following the screening of the film, the floor will be open for discussion on the issue of migration.

Alleyne-Esprit says migration is not limited to moving to another country but even within a country, the needs of people moving from one point to another are important.

She affirmed “We are also a migrant society, and that is one of the things that we see. The Caribbean is made up of migrant societies, our societies are based on migration. We came here from other places, and we also leave here often and go to other places. So this is just an attempt to bring some attention to migration and to open up a discussion. We also would like to invite any members of the public who are interested in the discussion about migration or would like to participate in that discussion to come as well.”

The viewing and discussion is on Wednesday 18 December at the Emerald Cinema from 9am to 1pm.

The IOM began operations in Dominica in 2015.