Nonstop Praise Radio Show Reaches Out to Seniors for Xmas

by: - December 13, 2019
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Heston Charles, host of Non-Stop Praise; Keep The Praise Going


“Non-Stop Praise”, a Vibes Radio Sunday morning programme is holding its annual Christmas outreach once again.

Host of the program, Heston Charles, says the show takes place on the Pointe Michel playing field on Sunday to benefit the senior residents of Point Mitchel, Soufriere, Scotts Head and Galleon.

Charles states, “Every Christmas season, we have an outreach of our program that we take out to the various communities and various entities. Throughout the years we have been going to the prison, we have been going to the infirmary, we have been going to the hospital, and also areas around the communities of Dominica. This year, we are taking the initiative to the Point Mitchel playing field, the southern district.”

“We will be providing refreshment in the form of a brunch, no fees attached, it’s a charitable event,” he explained. “We want to thank our sponsors for coming onboard to make this possible. The whole aim is to bring joy to our senior citizens throughout the Christmas season. Christmas is a time for sharing, Christmas is a time for giving, and Christmas is a time for showing appreciation and expressing gratitude. It is a way of saying thank you to the senior citizens. They were the ones who paved the way for us to enjoy today.”

Charles says the charity event will feature live entertainment for the senior citizens of the southern district, all free.

The radio program host announces, “Throughout the event, we will be having health checks, thanks to All Saints University who will be partnering with us. They will be providing sugar checks, blood pressure checks, and we are also hoping to partner with one of the entities responsible for eye care to do some eye tests as well.

We are going to be featuring the Music Lovers, Hilltop Singers, Hunter, Tyson Johnson – he and his family will do something for our people. We are also having a live band.”

Charles promises that all performances and music at the event will be in the spirit of the Christmas season.

The event team is open to assistance of cash or kind from and welcomes volunteers.

The event will be begin at 11am this Sunday and is expected to run until 1:30pm.