Miss Dominica 2020 Contestants Prepare for Spectacular Show

by: - November 22, 2019
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The 2020 Queen Contestants Retreat was held from November 15-17, 2019 at the L Residence Le Flambuste, Layou Park with a theme titled “An Enchanting, Electrifying Journey Through Pageantry”.

The retreat incorporated a series of  lectures and  activities  and  the objectives leaned on pageant protocol, preparation  and  etiquette.

This retreat takes place annually and is seen as a means of solidifying that fact that the young ladies are fully ready to go out there and present themselves as contestants for the Miss Dominica Pageant.

During the weekend gathering the ladies covered topics to include Pageant 101, The Journey and

Fashion 101, Devotions, Village and Community Presentations, Yoga, Do It Yourself Make Up

Session, Journeying with God, Building Confidence & Positive Thinking, Public Conversations,

Pageant Wardrobe, Overcoming Pageant Anxiety and Stress, Team Building, Affirmations,

Preparation for Interviews, Talent Preparation & Judging Criteria.

Facilitators included Miss Dominica 2019, Miss Marisol John, Carton Lanquedoc, Dr Shani

Shillingford, Mr. Steve Hyacinth, Mrs. Kurshner Telemacque Rabess, and Mr. Samuel who is a

Yoga Instructor, and Chairperson of the Queen Show Committee alongside select members.

On a whole the weekend retreat was dubbed   a   great   success.   The   retreat allowed the contestants to enhance their skills    as    it    relates    to    a deeper understanding of self- image issues and an empathic approach to building confidence and poise and to embrace their   individuality    and    look    inward without fear or anxiety.

Overall the ladies have an all-inclusive 2020 schedule that is focused on talent review and coordination, walking session, review of swimwear, costume and evening gown details as well as communication session on local, regional and international highlights.

The photoshoot for the Miss Dominica Carnival Queen Pageant will take place this

upcoming weekend.

The Miss Dominica Pageant is carded for Thursday 20 February 2020 at Carnival City.