“Robust” Security for CiTP and WCMF

by: - October 22, 2019
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The police are taking their job to protect life and property very seriously especially this week as independence events heat up.

FLOW’s Creole in the Park kicks off today and police want patrons to be informed and safe.

Assistant Superintendent pf Police, Leanna Edwards, says security will be at the fore for the duration of the event.

The police will be conducting robust searches of al patrons entering the venue and no weapons will be permitted. We will be firm with patrons carrying offensive weapons such as knives, cutlasses, scissors, ice picks, nails files and utility multi-tools etc. Any one found carrying these weapons will e removed from the venue and dealt with according to law. Licensed firearms holders will not be allowed to access the venue with their firearms,” she said.

There will also be police patrols in the park.

For the World Creole Music Festival on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, Superintendent Richmond Valentine says a Venue Operating Centre will be installed to manage security and ensure the safety of guests.

He explained, “A senior police officer will be the team leader which also comprises a medical official, a representative of the Fire & Ambulance Service, a representative of the Office of Disaster Management, a communications officer and a diarist.”

He says the entire festival grounds will be policed in zones each led by a ground commander.

Guests will be screened and given an entry band after they present authentic tickets.

The police acknowledge that at this time, criminals abound and so law enforcement want locals to act responsibly.

Superintendent Davidson Valerie who leads the Criminal Investigations Department says all officers will be deployed; there will be increased foot and mobile patrols as well as more response teams at the ready.

The cooperation of the public however remains a critical factor in deterring crime.

“Please be responsible for your personal safety and security as well as that of your property. Ensure that your homes and hotel rooms are properly secured before leaving. Secure your vehicles in safe, well-lit locations. Do not leave items in your vehicles to attract the opportunist thief; you should secure all your items in the back or the boot. Exercise moderation when wearing jewelry. When you walk in isolated areas, ensure that you are in the company of others. If you have to use the ATM, do not do so at late hours by yourself,” Superintendent Valerie listed.